1,500 bikes delivered to children in need in mountainous areas

On April 5th 2013, 120 bicycles of a total of 1,500 bikes were distributed as part of the  “Hope Bike” project in Cuoi Ha commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh. The project was funded by KB Financial Group in partnership with ChildFund Korea and ChildFund Vietnam.


Volunteers from KB Financial group distributing bikes to children.

Children also received helmets to wear while riding bicycles.
During the event, KB volunteers also instructed the children how to wear helmets correctly.

Cuoi Ha is one of the poorest mountainous communes in Kim Boi district. Although Cuoi Ha is 100 kilometers far away from Hanoi, it faces a lot of difficulties on account for lack of infrastructure. Household income depends mostly on agriculture, while agricultural productivity is low and unstable due to lack of irrigation water and poor knowledge of agriculture technique.

Children in Cuoi Ha have to walk a long way to schoolhowever,man yparents cannot afford to buy them bicycles. Many children have to wake up very early in the morning and go out when the sky is still dark.

The “Hope Bike” project has provided opportunities for the children to go to school more quickly and easily. Also, with bikes, the children have better access to the health centres or culture house.

One day before this event, 30 KB Financial Groupvolunteerssupported local people in planting trees, repairing the classroom floor in Lung preschool in Cuoi Ha commune and repainting classroom walls in Cuoi Ha B primary school.

Volunteers planting 20 big shaded trees around Lung preschool.

Volunteers repairing the classroom floor in Lung preschool
following instructions from the commune leader.

Korean volunteers and Cuoi Ha B teachers cleaning windows and re-painting classroom walls
in Cuoi Ha B primary school.

Additionally, during three days in Cuoi Ha commune, the volunteer group with children and local people enjoyed many other various cultural exchange activities.

Playing the traditional game of tug-of-war.

The children also had an opportunity to learnabout Korean culture by joining in drawing and painting masks and paper-fans.

Children and volunteers happily making crafts together.

The “Hope Bike” project is part of ChildFund’s Access to Education program in coordination with ChildFund's sponsorship program. ChildFund in Vietnam started to work in Kim Boi in 2009.

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